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Thermal Management Solutions for Cooling Electronics

Today's electronics are smaller and more powerful than ever, efficient heat transfer from the heat source to a cooling device is critical. Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) are designed to fill in air gaps and microscopic irregularities, resulting in dramatically lower thermal resistance and thus better cooling.
SinoGuide's Thermal team is committed to improving the overall reliability of electronic devices, focusing on widely range of thermal conductive materials design and manufacturing process. Our broad project portfolio and roots in advanced manufacturing result in cost-effective solutions while improving product functionality and quality.

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Life Cycle

Your product travels through a sequence of stages leading to it's ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction. SinoGuide has the resources in each key step to ensure a successful journey . . . to learn more connect with us!

SinoGuide Technology is a reputable developer and manufacturer of Thermal Interface Materials (Thermal Conductive Pad, Thermal Conductive Grease, Thermal Conductive Insulator, Thermal Conductive Tape...) and Value Added fabrication services to satisfy your product requirement. Be aggressive worldwide expansion with emphasis on unique technologies and advanced management philosophy.

By leveraging our accomplished product development expertise, and advanced thermal management solutions, our customers are able to realize their innovative ideas and bring new and improved products to the marketplace.

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Certified with ISO 9001,ISO 14001 and TS16949

Widely Range of Thermal Conductive Interface Materials

Whether you're looking to manufacture a new type of thermal conductive materials or replace an existing one, SinoGuide has the knowledge and expertise to develop an efficient manufacturing strategy to meet your quality, cost, performance, and delivery requirements.


SinoGuide Technology - YOUR BEST STRATEGIC PARTNER Thermal Management Materials and Solutions

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