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Full Range Of Thermal Conductive Grease


SinoGuide offers a variety of thermally conductive grease materials. The thermal gap filler grease used between electronic components such as Semiconductor, IC, CPU, MOS and heatsink. Led Lighting, LCD TV, Telecom device, Wireless Hub, Power supply etc. Cooling Modules, Thermal modules, in all applications where a metal housing is used as heatsink.

Products Features:

Low thermal resistance
High conformability and cost effective
Excellent Reliability
Thermal Conductive Grease Samples

Typical Applications Include:


--Graphic Chips, CPU, GPU,LED Lighting
--Between CPU,high performance GPU,IGBT and heatsink
--Cooling Module, memory module, in all applications where lower thermal resistance is required


Typical Properties of This Materials:


Typical Properties of Thermal Conductive Grease
Properties Units TCG150 TCG250 TCG350 Test Method
Color --- White Grey Grey Visual
Density g/cc 2.6 2.7 3 ---
Viscosity mPa·s at 0.3rpm 45000 20000 25000 ---
Temperature Range -50 to 200 -50 to 200 -50 to 200 EN344
Thermal Resistance @50psi (℃-in2/W) 0.021 0.014 0.009 ASTM D5470
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 1.5 2.5 3.5 ASTM D5470
Shelf Life 2 Years from the date of manufacture at 25℃
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (Vac) ≤100 ≤100 ≤100 ASTM D149


Configurations Available:

Sheet size:200 x 400mm, 350x350mm , individual parts available


Below info will be helpful for your right application

How to transfer or dissipate the heat from the heat-generating components to heat sinks?

How To Select the Right Thermal Interface Materials for your new application?

Pls feel free to contact us as Thermal Management Solutions available in SinoGuide.


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